goalsProgram development is a joint effort of the resident, the resident’s family and the Chester House professional team. Their responsibility is to develop goals, strategies to meet those goals, specific activities to be conducted and appropriate measurements to guide program modifications with specific support team assignments. They will also designate one clinical coordinator whose job it is to oversee the entire program and assure that the activities of the different team members remain coordinated.

The heart of the Chester House program is the individual service plan which combines goals in the areas of:

  • Physical rehabilitation and speech and language rehabilitation
  • Behavioral rehabilitation
  • Residential skill development and adaptation – development of ADL skills
  • Vocational or academic preparation
  • Community reintegration
  • Social development – emotional growth
  • General environmental adaptation
  • Development of medium and long-term goals

Immediate goals are practical and achievable combined with long-term goals designed to give hope and continue to inspire hard work. As time goes on, the goals continue to evolve from rehabilitative to adaptive.