Research: Weill Cornell Collaboration

researchThe goals of MJM’s collaborative agreement with the Memory Disorders Program at the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City is to:

(1) facilitate participation of our residents in approved Phase II and Phase III clinical trial programs of new therapeutic pharmaceuticals to help individuals with Alzheimer’s disease;

(2) conduct further research on the best ways to apply the Canterwood behavioral intervention programs to improve the lives of our residents and slow down the progress of the dementia;

(3) determine the specific types of Alzheimer’s patients and the times in the progress of their disease that they can be most effectively helped by the types of behavioral and language interventions employed by MJM;

(4) develop improved behavioral measurements which can be used to document the effectiveness of current biomedical interventions in clinical trial; and

(5) create ways to better disseminate “best practices” and improved training programs for staff both within outside of MJM managed programs.

Participation in all research programs are voluntary. Each family will decide for themselves after all their questions have been answered as to the benefits and risks of all clinical trial and behavioral programs so that they can make informed decisions concerning the treatment and participation of their loved-one.