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Company Overview

What Makes Us Special

We treat all of our residents as individuals for as long as they're with us.

While all Assisted Living communities offer care and essential services, we are sensitive to the following important issues, and we work closely with our residents and their families to make the best choice for each individual

  • We provide assistance to residents in areas of need, but are equally committed to preserving each residents independence by being careful not to do for residents what they can do for themselves. Often it takes staff longer to let residents do tasks for themselves with minimal assistance than to perform the tasks for them, but it is our commitment.

  • Preserving our residents dignity as their needs increase is also an essential program component. It means recognizing that often our residents require of us care not unlike a young child, but they are not children. Assuring that our staff give our residents undivided attention while caring for them, give them maximum choices and treat them as co-adults rather than children requires specific training and continued supervision.

  • Some people prefer living alone while others want or need a companion. Both options are offered all MJM managed communities, and we will help families choose which is best for their loved one in residence with us.

  • We strive to be culturally sensitive. As people grow older, they want to retain the integrity of their cultural values and the way of life to which they are accustomed

  • All families are different. Some remain actively involved in their loved ones life after he or she moves into an Assisted Living community while others must focus on other family matters and have less contact. We know from experience that loving relationships come in many forms, and no one approach is right for every family. We help each family find the balance that's best for them.

  • Companionship is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't work the same way for everyone. While we want to avoid the psychological deterioration that can come from too much solitude, we also understand that not everyone wants to be among people, or forced to play games or to do artwork. So we make a point of finding the proper balance for each of our residents.

  • Our communities are designed to complement not replace the family, friends, and professionals that our residents have always enjoyed and relied upon. We do not separate people from their friends. Rather, we make it possible for our residents to make new friends while continuing to embrace their old ones.

  • We are sensitive to the costs involved in Assisted Living. And we work hard, everyday, to keep our fees as reasonable as possible, while continuing to deliver the quality of care we promise to all our families

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