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We are constantly searching for opportunities to create or restore value in the seniors housing area and in other special needs healthcare and residential sectors. We match projects with investors based on their areas of geographic interest, investment objectives, fiscal capabilities and the types of risk they are willing to assume. We also investigate facilities located by the investor. In both cases we begin with our unique facility evaluation. This evaluation rates the property on a variety of scales and has been benchmarked against hundreds of other facilities to ensure an objective evaluation. In addition, we perform a financial analysis, market analysis and add the most critical element, an operations evaluation. Absent this phase (often completely neglected), the financial analysis is useless. Only the on-site evaluation of operations by people with operational experience can yield the answers required.

Seniors Socializing

Special Needs Assisted Living

Happy Elderly Couple.

Advancing the Science of Alzheimer's Care

Cheerful Seniors

Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Programs

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