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MJM Associates provides state-of-the-art management services for Independent Living (IL) both enhanced and club-style, Assisted Living (AL), Intensive Assisted Living (IAL), and Special Needs Assisted Living (SNAL previously known as Dementia Care or Memory Care).Our services are based on 25 years experience operating senior care and healthcare facilities.

We will contract to manage a project or help an owner/investor to develop internal management systems. Our approach is to begin with a market evaluation, then proceed to product mix, followed by a marketing plan and then a management redesign. The marketing niche for a project is a product of the facilities strengths, what the competition is offering and what the market is demanding. The niche will dictate the product mix. Increasingly we find that the market requires that facilities offer service choices, particularly in IL. One size does not fit all. The industry has customarily bundled services and this trend is changing.

Our approach to marketing and management redesign places equal weight on recruiting the right people and giving them the right tools and procedures. We evaluate existing staff, retrain when necessary and replace as needed. We then can adapt, partially replace or fully replace all operating systems.

We adhere strictly to the detailed operating budgets developed jointly by MJM and the owners. We understand the need to create a balance whereby high quality services can be maintained and the targeted NOI can be achieved. MJM provides full management and marketing services. We have extensive experience programming for special needs residents including residents with advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

Seniors Socializing

Special Needs Assisted Living

Happy Elderly Couple.

Advancing the Science of Alzheimer's Care

Cheerful Seniors

Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Programs

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