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About Our Communities


Safety is always our first concern. It starts with the design of our buildings and continues through to the training and supervision of our staff. That seniors are prone to injury is a fact of life. No one can guarantee absolute safety. But experience has taught us that by making safety a top priority, accidents can be reduced.

A caring, professional staff

Our staff is our must important resource. Staff members are friendly, courteous and well trained. Our hiring process is very selective, and we ensure that each staff member is fully oriented to the community and to our residents from the first day they begin work. We make sure they have the latest information and skill requirements in the field of senior living and caring. In addition, we provide on-going training so that staff members are always familiar with the changing needs of each resident in their care.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
Patient and Nurse

Personal care

The heart of our program is personal care. Every resident at a MJM managed community has his or her own individual program. Planning for each program begins before the resident arrives. Our team of specialists collects information from each resident and his or her family about the residents health, hobbies, skills, likes and dislikes. We closely monitor each plan and make any and all necessary changes. We provide help in areas were assistance is needed, but allow our residents to do as much for themselves as possible. In this way we encourage and preserve independence for all our residents.



Our personal care services complement our wellness program. Our nurses and consulting physician work with residents, families and family physicians to help keep every resident healthy. We provide medication monitoring by specially trained and certified staff when needed. We encourage appropriate exercise, good nutrition, rest and plenty of companionship and laughter, knowing that these are the best ways to help our residents stay healthy and content. We also watch closely for signs of medical problems, so that if they arise they can be investigated early.

We want our residents to grow older with us, so as their needs change, we provide more assistance and greater personal and health care services. Our nursing coordinator and staff work together with the families physician to assess every residents changing needs, so that, together, we can determine the best level of care. All activities and nutritional requirements may also be adjusted at any time as we partner with the family in a joint effort to maintain each residents good health, happiness and independence.


We offer individualized and group activities to encourage life-long learning and the continuation of individual life-styles. We are active in our community and often visit local plays, fairs and other events that our residents wish to participate in. Many of our residents also have individual interests they like to pursue including crocheting, knitting, sewing, reading, computer activities, photography and gardening, to name just a few.


Spirituality is important to many of our residents, and we respect and support these beliefs. Our residents may go out to services of their choice or participate in spiritual readings and singing as well as services conducted within the community.

Elderly Woman at Gym


We are proud of our neighborhood design and smaller, intimate dining rooms. Bright and cheerful, they offer the perfect settings for the menus and meals carefully prepared by our staff. Individual preferences are taken into consideration as are special diets.

A clean and homey environment

Our communities are well maintained and offer a clean, sanitary and aesthetically pleasing living environment. Residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture and special personal articles to decorate their rooms. They are also welcome to use our tasteful and well maintained community-provided furniture if they prefer.

Laundry service

Our staff will either do our residents laundry or assist her or him if they would like to do their own. The choice is the residents and can be changed at any time.


We don’t want anyone to be left behind, so we encourage our residents to bring their small pets with them and to continue to care for them as they always have. We will be happy to assist, but only as a partner. The bond between a resident and her or his pet is special and we know that. The pet is welcome to stay in our community as long as the resident is the primary care giver.

Sleeping Dogs
Seniors Socializing

Special Needs Assisted Living

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Advancing the Science of Alzheimer's Care

Cheerful Seniors

Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Programs

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