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What Makes us Special

We never stop learning

Our program is based on a thorough understanding of Alzheimer's disease and its related disorders. We work to stay current on research and constantly review what's new in our field, so we can offer our residents the best in current care.

Home Nurse Making Bed

We emphasize staff training

Our training is continuous and specific to the care required by people with memory impairment. Our staff is made up of professionals who want to be the very best in their field. We show them how applying correct techniques and developing skills allow them to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our residents. We also emphasize the fact that while our residents may not be able to do things as fast as they used to, they remain capable of doing many things if we create the proper environment and show patience. We know, from experience, that this approach works and that it results in satisfied families and a satisfied staff.

We provide care for as long a possible

While the progress of Alzheimer's disease can often be slowed, residents continue to decline and some reach the late stage of the disease. Incontinence as well as other physical challenges are often an issue. Self-preservation skills continue to decline and greater supervision is required. At Canterwood, we work with families to provide the special care that late stage Alzheimer's residents need for as long as possible. We know our residents and families don't want to move again and we make every effort to have Canterwood be the last home for all our residents making it as comfortable as possible for both them and their families.

Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair
Seniors Socializing

Special Needs Assisted Living

Happy Elderly Couple.

Advancing the Science of Alzheimer's Care

Cheerful Seniors

Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury Programs

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